Apartments With A Little Classical Feel

  • Date:
    Nov 23, 2023
  • Place:
    Latvia, Riga, Strelnieku St. 7-7
  • Area:
  • Category:

This light apartment shows that comfortable living doesn’t automatically equal a large amount of luxury objects and materials. Tasked with the transformation of a 140 square meter apartment, into a functional space with a little touch off classic look.

We embraced apartments original monolith ceilings in our design, together with high-end detailing and custom-made furniture, we were able to permeate the apartment with the feel of unique style and atmosphere. The floor is oak wood chevron and walls is just painted.By re configuring the space we designed the new layout what gives more space in living room area and we made big private bathroom with bedroom. in such a way that we could outfit apartment with all necessary technical solutions so that our client could enjoy effortless living to the fullest.

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