Petit paris in the quiet center of Riga

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    Nov 21, 2023
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House Petit Paris is located in the quiet center of Riga. Our studio had a great opportunity to create an interior design in this building.

Sophisticated attic design, opened a great opportunity to develop a personalized, democratic and cozy environment, filled with small details that emphasize the uniqueness of the project. The calm colour palette, which is consistently realized throughout the apartment, creates the perfect background for carefully designed interior volumes. Detailed and elaborate furniture solutions, concealing engineering communications, create an absolutely monolithic environment. The entire area is complemented by special details, such as the sliding wooden blinds, which are a perfect reference to the old Paris houses. The bathroom, separated from the bedroom by an aged wooden partition, successfully preserves the visual space and allows light to spread in the room, while sculptural figures add a personal touch to the environment.

Interior architect: Eric Carlson, Zanda Dzuranovica

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